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Addressed to its intended

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Addressed to its intended, texts and images by Erin Honeycutt and francis burger. 15 pages and cut flower in printed envelope, Risograph printed in burgundy ink. Edition of 50. Printed at Cutt Press, Kurfürstenstraße. Published by Oriole Press and Cutt Press, Berlin, 2023.

South Africa R250 (excl. shipping)*
Europe & UK €15 (excl. shipping)*

*To purchase email fmburger(at)gmail.com

Addressed to its intended collects written and graphic negotiations of thresholds and bodily announcements – of skin, paper, 'the book', bodies, speaking, letters, undergrowth.

Featuring the rough tongue of a holy ghost cat, a island cemetery, a few circling dogs, and many textures gathered on a lino-roller, from the garden of an extended family home in Västra Götalands county in Sweden.

...if only there was an island cat on this Cemetery island who would walk up to me and with its scruffy holy tongue lick a piece of me, that would be my skin, and there, skin to tongue, living with the living, creature to creature, speech to touch, inner surface to outer surface, we would truly speak.

—‘Skin diaries’, in ‘Addressed to its intended’, by Erin Honeycutt and francis burger, 2023.

Edition of 50, risograph printed in burgundy ink on various materials and bound by an envelope. Texts and images by Erin Honeycutt and francis burger, with excerpts from Italo Calvino, José Saramago, and a notebook drawing by Sara-Aimee Verity.

no wonder

how mice
eat the glue
off paper, read
with their teeth

—from ‘no wonder’, in ‘Addressed to its intended’, Erin Honeycutt and francis burger, 2023


Addressed to its intended
Erin Honeycutt and francis burger

15 loose pages with folded elements and cut flower shape in brown tissue paper, green smiley face sticker, and an A6 piece of acetate, bound in a printed C5 envelope.

Risograph printed in Berlin at Cutt Press, Kurfürstenstraße

Edition of 50

Published by Oriole Press and Cutt Press