Drawing is still writing

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Drawing is still writing, Nyakallo Maleke. 32 pages with loose inserts, risograph printed in an edition of 40 at Keleketla/Wits School of Arts. Single Thread sewn by Pulp Paperworks. Publication design & editing by francis burger. Published by Oriole Press in collaboration with Nyakallo Maleke. Johannesburg. 2023. ISBN 978-0-7961-3650-3

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‘Drawing is still writing’ shares a series of drawings performed for the risograph printer over a few hot days and nights in summer 2023. The drawings were collated alongside a short text ‘Draw’, written by Maleke earlier in the year, and the prompts, notes and marks that emerged from their sandwich’ing.
“Drawing has always been conversational, an outspoken friend.”

—‘Draw’, Nyakallo Maleke, 2023

A selection of spreads from ‘Drawing is still writing’, Nyakallo Maleke, 2023.
‘Drawing is still writing’ is one of many careful, specific experiments within Maleke’s ongoing practice of responsive mark-making and compilation – a growing lexicon of “adapting to spaces that refuse to change”, of re-telling, re-learning, re-imagining... of mapping, repetition, layering, and laying out... of vulnerability, and ‘learning to re...st’.

*Nyakallo Maleke is an artist, writer and cyclist from Johannesburg.


Drawing is still writing
Nyakallo Maleke

32 pages with loose inserts, risograph printed in an edition of 40.

publication design & editing by francis burger

printed at the Wits School of Arts with the RISO SF5030 acquired by Keleketla! Library and Another Roadmap Africa Cluster with additional ink drums by Wits Fine Art

Oriole Press in collaboration with Nyakallo Maleke



ISBN 978-0-7961-3650-3